The preserved natural environment and exceptional cultural heritage, which is almost umatched in Slovenia, provide us with an obligation to create sustainable tourism together with the local population, aimed at active leisure time and exploring Slovenia’s cultural heritage.

We strive to care for, preserve and promote our exceptional cultural and beekeeping heritage, while greeting all visitors with a desire to acquaint themselves with it, with a heartfelt welcome. We maintain hiking and cycling trails, car parks, bus stations and other infrastructure and, in doing so, encourage the use of public transport, walking and cycling, which reduce air pollution and contribute to a better quality of life in the municipality. Events are an important factor, since they help the destination showcase, maintain and promote its wealth of cultural and natural heritage. At events that take place without environmentally harmful plastics, we collaborate with the local population and help promote local producers and providers. We plant old types of trees and other honey plants, thereby preserving a fragment of the rural environment, while ensuring grazing areas for bees. We encourage providers of tourist services and local residents to engage in sustainable development, through which we also build the development of green tourism.

We encourage visitors to behave respectfully and have a responsibe relationship to precious natural and cultural heritage, which can only be preserved for future generations through joint efforts.

Our fundamental mission is to preserve our extraordinary heritage and natural resources. Since we are developing tourism in a responsible and sustainable way, the area will remain a pleasant place to live, work and visit in the future too.

Green Adventures