Museum Saturdays in Žirovnica

Every fourth Saturday of the month from March to October

Municipality of Žirovnica

Price – The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage (entrance ticket to all four houses)
School children: € 6,50
Adults: € 9,00

Every fourth Saturday of the month between March and October the doors of most museums in Žirovnica are open for you. In addition to Prešeren's Birth House in Vrba, you can also visit Čop's Birth House in Žirovnica and Finžgar's Birrth house in Doslovče. You are also kindly invited to visit the private collection Museum of the Past in the shelter of Mt. Stol in Zabreznica village.

Museum Saturdays in Žirovnica can also be a great opportunity to combine outdoor recreation and history, as our sights are connected in a 10-kilometre circular Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage. Treat yourself to a day packed with sport and culture in the villages below the highest peak of the Karavanke.

Slovenian Cultural Holiday-Hike along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage


8th February

Vrba in Žirovnica is the birthplace of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, so its cultural beat is the greatest on February 8th, the day of the national cultural holiday dedicated to France Prešeren. This is the day when all the villages in Žirovnica come to life. Beekeepers offer you a taste of honey in front of Anton Janša's Memorial Apiary, a traditional lojtrnik– a wooden horse-drawn carriage, takes you on a fun ride along the Imperial road, and the doors of Finžgar's, Jalen's, Čop's, and of course Prešeren's birth houses, are widely open, inviting you to discover their secrets. Prešeren's day is also full of green energy, which takes you on an organized hike along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage. Of course, the most diverse happening is in front of the birth house of France Prešeren in Vrba, where a central ceremony takes place with musical performances, poetry recitations and goodies from local providers.

Concert with Aleksander Mežek and Friends


5th September 2020 at 7.30 pm.



Who doesn’t know the popular song »Take me home, Country Roads«? When Aleksander Mežek translated its lyrics into Slovenian language in 1975 and got an official approval to use the music of the song by its author John Denver, this was the start of an international music career. Local to Žirovnica, the popular Slovene musician - song writer Aleksander Mežek admits, that the inspiration for many of his hits came from his home environment and local culture. This is why his concert event Prešerna noč (Prešeren’s Night) in Vrba is a special gift to all the inhabitants of villages below Mt. Stol.

Julian Alps Trail Run


24th­­ – 26th September 2021


Julian Alps and its surroundings offer everything that trail running stands for – mountain paths, where easy and runnable terrains intertwine and sometimes surprise you with more technical ones.

Fairytale Evenings at the Finžgar’s Birth House


Thursdays in July and August


The Finžgar’s Birth House in Doslovče

An important part of the cultural heritage is preserved through sharing old stories, poems, songs, fairy-tales and folk-tales. The writer, Fran Saleški Finžgar was well aware of this, as he was influenced by folk stories as a young boy, while listening to tales of the village men in the inglenook of his own home. Many of these were later recorded in his famous books.

Žirovnica remains a rich treasure trove of folk tales, funny anecdotes, and mysterious stories. You can experience some of them on Fairytale Evenings, held on Thursdays in July and August in the courtyard of the Finžgar's Birth House in Doslovče.