Završnica Recreational Park

The Završnica recreational park is situated in the Završnica valley, surrounded by the mighty Karavanke mountain range, green meadows and lush forested slopes - inviting you to have a fun and active adventure! The park is easily accessible and yet remote enough to allow you an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, a vibrant sports energy and a love for nature are harmonious.


Anton Janša's Apiary

Nearly 300 years ago, an apiary stood in the idyllic village of Breznica. From an early age, Anton Janša used to open the hives where he observed the life of bees and helped his father in beekeeping. Today, a reconstruction of Anton Janša’s apiary, the first home of Janša’s bees, still stands in its original place in the village of Breznica. Learn about the Slovenian way of beekeeping on a guided tour and discover the unique Slovenian traditional painted beehive panels which are a speciality of Slovenian folklore.


Hop on hop off Experience

Head into the world of the Carniolan grey bee, local beekeepers and delicious honey. Learn about traditional and contemporary Slovenian beekeeping by joining us on a Hop On-Hop Off bus, named Bee Our Guest. Join us on a free guided tour of the Anton Janša’s Memorial Apiary in Breznica, followed by a short village walk to the Bee Paradise Noč, where you will be able to taste some local honey and learn about the secret life of bees. New this year is a ride to the hidden Završnica Valley, where there will be a free guided hike to Mt. Ajdna, organised each Wednesday.