Open our eyes and hearts in nature


Maintained walking, hiking and cycling trails, lead among fragrant meadows and green pastures, on forest and mountain trails, where you can experience nature in all its beauty. More than 45% of the municipality, mainly the area beneath Mt. Stol, belongs to the Natura 2000 conservation network, the main goal of which is to preserve biodiversity. The entire municipality is part of the UNESCO MAB Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve, the purpose of which is to maintain the balance between people and nature and promote sustainable development by preserving cultural values.

Discover pleasant trails through the Završnica valley and around the reservoir lake, while more experienced hikers can climb Mt. Stol or go on a photo hunt for botanical gems, such as Zois’s violet, which, thanks to Karl Zois, has a natural territory beneath Mt. Stol. Walking and theme trails lead through villages and the surrounding area to places and views that inspired our famous compatriots. Nature is also generous with water sources in the area, hence in the warmer months you will be able to get clean drinking water at as many as thirteen drinking fountains and village troughs, which are located throughout the destination.

Enjoy, explore and get to know the colourful and diverse flora and fauna and help ensure it remains that way.