Prešeren’s birth house is among the oldest houses in the village of Vrba. The original homestead was built in the 16th century. Its current form dates from 1856 when it was rebuilt following a fire which destroyed the straw roof and wooden outbuildings. After the fire, the roof of the house was raised to acquire an extra bedroom in the attic. Older building elements from the 16th century, such as the stone portal in the basement and building elements from the late baroque period, have been partially preserved. The most characteristic features are the building elements dating from the 19th century, which can also be seen in the other homesteads in Vrba and its surroundings.

On the initiative of France Prešeren’s compatriots, a memorial plaque at the outside wall of Prešeren’s birth house was unveiled on 15 September 1872 by the Slovenian Writers’ Association. The opening ceremony was attended by 6,000 people.

Prešeren’s birth house was handed over to the Slovenian nation at a special ceremony on 21 May 1939. It is the first birth house of any important Slovenian person that has been converted into a museum. The house was slightly remodelled for the needs of the memorial and museum collections.

Prešeren’s birth house in Vrba is one of the attractions along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage, one of the oldest and most prominent theme paths in Slovenia. The path connects cultural and historic monuments along five core sites in the villages below Mt. Stol.

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Guided tours of Prešeren’s house can be adapted to school groups, smaller groups, individuals or families. Janez, an expert on Prešeren’s times, will be delighted to take you on a journey that touches your soul.


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