The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage is one of the oldest and most beautiful theme paths in Slovenia. It is of unique importance in the Slovenian cultural area and invites visitors to actively discover the rich Slovenian tradition.

The path connects cultural and historical monuments in the villages below Mt. Stol, among which there are five central points. These are: the birth house of the greatest Slovenian poet France PrešerenPrešeren’s birth house in Vrba; the birth house of the linguist, literary historian and librarian Matija ČopČop’s birth house in Žirovnica, where you can experience the entire path through a light-heared documentary film; the apiary of the pioneer of European beekeepingAnton Janša’s memorial apiary; and the birth houses of two important Slovenian writersFinžgar’s birth house in Doslovče and Jalen’s birth house in Rodine.



The circular path is 10km long and mainly flat with the exception of the section between Doslovče and Rodine which leads along a picturesque pasture above the villages. The path is marked and you can choose where to start. Parking is available in Vrba, Breznica and Žirovnica.

You can experience the path individually or in a group with a guided tour. For guided tours and visits to the birth houses contact the Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture. For the best experience, we recommend exploring the countryside and the sights by bicycle or on foot. During the warmer months of the year, you can experience the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage in the most nostalgic and authentic way – by lojtrnik, a wooden horse-drawn carriage, or by traditional cart once called a zapravljivček (a ‘spender’).


Click here to watch an excerpt from the film about the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage


The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage has received several awards for the best themed trail. The Slovenia Tourist Association proclaimed the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage the ‘Best Path’ in 2012 in the project ‘My Land – Beautiful and Hospitable’, while in 2017 the path was awarded third place and in 2019 second place. Every year on 8 February many hikers experience the full journey along the path with numerous cultural events on the occasion of the Slovenian cultural holiday, when a traditional hike along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage is organised.



All the birth houses along the way are open every fourth Saturday in the month from March to October, and by appointment (for at least 10 participants).

Find out in what kind of cradle France Prešeren slept, and how Matija Čop contributed to the development of the Slovenian language. Discover where Fran Saleški Finžgar got the inspiration for his epic battles between the Slavs and the Byzantines, and which mountain pastures inspired Janez Jalen in his writing. While gathering these impressions, you will be surrounded by breathtaking views over the villages and meadows that lie under Mt. Stol.

Opening hours and contact


Žirovnica 14

4274 Žirovnica

Tel: +386 (0)4 580 15 03


Opening hours

By prior arrangement


Click here for opening hours of Prešeren’s birth house in Vrba

Click here for opening hours of Čop’s birth house in Žirovnica

Traditional rides with horse-drawn carriages

Hay cart (up to 20 people) or traditional cart (up to 5 people) rides along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural heritage and the surrounding area.



Janez Vidic

Vrba 16

4274 Žirovnica

Tel: +386 31 830 364


Opening hours

By prior arrangement

Price List

The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage (entrance ticket to all four houses)

School children: €6.50

Adults: €9.00

Click here for the price list of entrance tickets for each birth house, and local guide hire along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural heritage.

Price for hay cart ride

€70.00 per group