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Welcome to The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage – the first and oldest themed trail in Slovenia, showcasing a true treasury of cultural heritage!

In the small area of Žirovnica, nestled beneath the mighty Stol mountain, an exceptional number of significant literary figures were born, whose contributions greatly influenced the existence and development of the Slovenian language, culture, literature, and arts. The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage is a thematic route connecting the birth houses (House-Museums) of five masters of Slovenian literature. You can visit Prešeren’s birth house in Vrba, Čop’s birth house in Žirovnica, Anton Janša’s apiary in Breznica, and the birth houses of writers Fran Saleški Finžgar in Doslovče and Janez Jalen in Rodine. This is truly a uniqueness, perhaps unparalleled not only in Slovenia but also on a global scale.

This trail is not just a walk through the past but also a unique experience where all the birth houses of these exceptional personalities are transformed into museums. Discover the treasury of Slovenian cultural heritage, where you can literally step into the shoes of giants in the Slovenian cultural space.

The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritagel is not only one of the oldest themed trails in Slovenia but also a true wealth of Slovenian history. We invite you to join in the active exploration of tradition and experience the unique cultural heritage that is within your reach in Žirovnica.


Technical Features

The circular route is 10 kilometers long, following local, village, and field roads, with parts of the path also traversing meadows above the villages. It is marked with directional signs that guide you from one attraction to another. Signs are placed in both directions so that you can start exploring The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage from any point.

You can embark on the journey alone or accompanied by a guide, using various means of transportation (on foot, by bicycle, by car/bus). Larger parking lots for buses and cars are available in Vrba, Rodine, and Breznica, and a smaller parking lot for cars is also located near Čop’s birth house in Žirovnica.

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Opening Hours of the House-Museums

You can find the opening hours of the Prešeren’s Birth House here:

You can find the opening hours of the Čop’s Birth House here:

You can find the opening hours of the Finžgar’s Birth House here:

Jalen’s Birth House is open by prior arrangement for groups (10 people or more), and Janša’s Apiary is freely accessible.

Other Attractions along The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage

While strolling along The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage, there are several other points of interest and landmarks worth visiting. In Vrba, you can see more than 200 years old village linden tree, the Prešeren monument, and the church of St. Mark. In Zabreznica, there is an avenue of famous men and a private collection called the Museum of the Past. At Breznica, you can visit the monument to Anton Janša and Plečnik’s monument.

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3D Virtual Tour of Žirovnica

We have prepared an exceptionally appealing virtual experience for you: a 3D stroll through the birthplaces of France Prešeren and Fran Saleški Finžgar. Join us in exploring the rich cultural heritage of these two giants of the written word, discover the local surroundings that served as inspiration for their unforgettable masterpieces. Step inside and immerse yourself in the world of Prešeren and Finžgar, getting firsthand insights into the inspiration behind their exceptional literary creations. With the help of our virtual tour, you can explore the interiors of both birthhouses, uncover interesting details, and familiarize yourself with significant events from their lives.


Where to Eat and Drink Well

Along The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage, there are many excellent providers of hospitality services ready to serve you delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a friendly smile. In Žirovnica, you can enjoy fine dinning at at the well-known Restaurant & Lounge Bar Manu or you can simply relax with a drink at the Sporty Bar or Bar Ajdna. In Žirovnica, there is an excellent brewery called Carniola Brewery, where you can try various types of beer, including craft beers such as IPA, ALE, and others. In the village of Selo, the popular Gostišče Osvald offers tasty lunches and snacks, while in the village of Smokuč, you can savor exquisite pizzas at Picerija Ledina.

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Did you know?

The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage has received several awards for the best themed trail. The Tourism Association of Slovenia, in the project “Moja dežela – lepa in gostoljubna” (My Country – Beautiful and Hospitable), declared The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage as the Best Trail of the Year in 2012. In 2017, the trail was awarded third place, and in 2019, it received second place. The trail has also received acknowledgments from the Tourism Association of Slovenia, winning first place in the regional competition in the Bled area in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

On February 8th, on the Slovenian national cultural holiday, a traditional hike takes place along The Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage. On this day, all houses are open from 8 am to 4 pm, and admission is free.



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