According to heritage experts, Jalen’s birth house, referred to by locals as ‘At the Sextons’ is one of the oldest buildings in the village. The local name reveals that it was used for the needs of the neighbouring church of St. Clement when the ancient parish was located in Rodine. The wooden building originally served as a vicar’s office. A stone building was erected on the site of the fire that experts believe occurred in the 17th century. In 1821, when the seat of the Rodine parish was transferred to Breznica, the house lost its importance, but it continued to be used for the needs of the Rodine branch church.

The birth house of writer Janez Jalen was declared a cultural monument in 1987 and has been open to the public since 1997. Today the homestead is divided into two parts. The new section, which housed the writer’s great-nephew and guardian of his legacy since 1991, is built on the foundations of a former barn.  The former living quarters remain as they were in Jalen’s time and have been set up as a museum which houses many personal items that belonged to Janez Jalen. All the rooms are original and serve as a reminder of the lives of our ancestors, making the museum even more worthy of a visit.

The museum part comprises an entrance hall, black smoke kitchen, living room and a bed chamber where the reconstruction of the writer’s study with original pieces of furniture, clothes and some personal belongings have been set up to host an exhibition of most of Jalen’s literary legacy (manuscripts, letters, awards, literary works and his library).

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