Janša’s Apiary

Welcome to the world beekeeping monument – Anton Janša’s apiary in Breznica!

Near this charming location, where the apiary proudly stands today, once lived the most renowned beekeeper and the first teacher of apiculture, Anton Janša. Here, in the village beneath Stol in Breznica, he acquired beekeeping knowledge from his father and later captivated Empress Maria Theresa in Vienna with his skills, earning him the title of the first court beekeeping teacher! His birthday, May 20, is now celebrated worldwide as World Bee Day. Although Anton Janša’s birth house no longer stands, you can admire his apiary, which still proudly stands in the same spot.

Exploring the apiary, erected around 1734, provides insight into the history of beekeeping and the life of master Anton Janša. The original structure, reconstructed in 1965, underwent comprehensive restoration in 2017, using traditional and natural materials, friendly to both bees and visitors. The thatched roof and natural, compacted clay floors inside preserve the authenticity and heritage of beekeeping. Janša’s beehive is designated as a monument of local importance.

Experience the reverence for this exceptional master and his legacy when visiting Anton Janša’s beehive in Breznica!


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Price list

The apiary is freely accessible, admission free. Guided tours and tasting of local honey products are available by arrangement.

Price of guided tour (30 min): €60.00



Janša’s Apiary  is located in Breznica, near the Mercator shop (Breznica 6a, 4274 Žirovnica).



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