Finžgar’s birth house in Doslovče

Welcome to Finžgar’s Birth House – a House-Museum where the celebrated works of the writer, playwright, translator, and clergyman, Fran Saleški Finžgar, come to life!

Who isn’t familiar with slovenian masterpiece literature such as “Under the Free Sun,” “Makalonca,” “Uncles,” “Maid Ančka,” “The Wild Hunter,” “The Chain,” and “The Ruin of Life“? Step into the house where the great Slovenian writer was born and discover where he found inspiration for his exceptional literary creations.

Finžgar’s birth house showcases an example of the living culture in a modest coutry style house at the end of the 19th century in the Gorenjska region. The upper spaces include a black kitchen in the hallway, a pantry, the main house, and a chamber, all arranged to preserve the appearance found in Finžgar’s descriptions. The house served not only as a living space but also as a workshop. The writer’s grandfather wove canvas on the looms, while his father became the first tailor far and wide, using a sewing machine to make sheepskin coats and leather trousers.

The collection in Finžgar’s birth house was unveiled on the centenary of his birth in 1971. It includes an exhibition with paintings, photographs, documents, and books about Finžgar’s lineage, life, and work. In 2013, the basement areas were renovated and expanded, offering a profound insight into the life and legacy of this exceptional Slovenian literary figure.

Finžgar’s birth house is an extraordinary treasure trove of cultural heritage in the idyllic village beneath Stol, undoubtedly worthy of a visit!


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September to July
The house is only open upon prior arrangement for groups (10 people or more).


July and August
Tuesday to Saturday: 10am – 2pm, Weekends: 12noon – 4pm


During visits by organised groups, entry for other visitors is not possible.


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Adults: 3 EUR
Seniors: 2,8 EUR
School children: 2,5 EUR
Pre-school children: 1 EUR


3D Virtual Tour of Žirovnica

We have prepared an exceptionally appealing virtual experience for you: a 3D stroll through the birthplaces of France Prešeren and Fran Saleški Finžgar. Join us in exploring the rich cultural heritage of these two giants of the written word, discover the local surroundings that served as inspiration for their unforgettable masterpieces. Step inside and immerse yourself in the world of Prešeren and Finžgar, getting firsthand insights into the inspiration behind their exceptional literary creations. With the help of our virtual tour, you can explore the interiors of both birthhouses, uncover interesting details, and familiarize yourself with significant events from their lives.



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