3D Virtual Visit to Prešeren’s birthplace and Finžgar’s birthplace – House-Museums


We have prepared an exceptionally appealing virtual experience for you: a 3D stroll through the birthplaces of France Prešeren and Fran Saleški Finžgar. Join us in exploring the rich cultural heritage of these two giants of the written word, discover the local surroundings that served as inspiration for their unforgettable masterpieces.

Step inside and immerse yourself in the world of Prešeren and Finžgar, getting firsthand insights into the inspiration behind their exceptional literary creations. With the help of our virtual tour, you can explore the interiors of both birthhouses, uncover interesting details, and familiarize yourself with significant events from their lives.

Furthermore, we enable you to virtually explore the external features of the places where they were born. Explore the surroundings of the Church of St. Mark in Vrba, which was part of their daily lives, and take a stroll around Prešeren’s and Finžgar’s homestead, where you can admire the architecture and the surroundings they saw every day. Along the way, also take a look at the monument to France Prešeren in Vrba, standing as a perpetual memory of Slovenia’s greatest poet.

You are invited to embark on this wonderful virtual journey through time and space, discovering how the life paths of both giants intertwined with the cultural heritage of this beautiful Slovenian place.