Our heritage is our pride!


Žirovnica is also called the cradle of culture, as its cultural heritage is truly exceptional. Putting it in numbers – we have 141 units registered in the register of immovable cultural heritage, of which five are listed monuments of national importance. Therefore, interesting and inspiring stories from the past surround visitors almost every which way they turn.

Poets and writers born in the Žirovnica area created exceptional poems and interesting stories. Their birthhouses have been converted into museums and connected in a unique theme trail – the Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Trail. The area is also known for its beekeeping tradition, as Anton Janša – the pioneer and teacher of modern beekeeping at the Imperial Court in Vienna – was born here. The frontal panels on his memorial apiary are a unique form of folk art and a true treasure trove of stories that inspired our ancestors. The story of Ajdna dates back almost 2,000 years, to a then very turbulent period in this area. The inhabitants of the time built a village high on a hill, which today only exists in ruins. History doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone, but it’s worth climbing up to Ajdna just for the breathtaking view.

We will find the knowledge and experience of our ancestors in cultural heritage at all times, if only we know how to listen to the stories it tells. Let’s preserve our past so that our descendants can also draw inspiration from it.