The Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Path

Visit the birth houses of some of the giants of Slovenian art and get a glimpse into life in the 19th century - a time of romantic stories and national awakening throughout Europe.

The Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Path connects the highlights of the lives of two literary generations. Among the first generation are our greatest poet France Prešeren and his friend Matija Čop, while Fran Saleški Finžgar and Janez Jalen belong to the second generation.


Birth Houses

What kind of cradle did France Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet, have? Where did Matija Čop, the renowned Slovenian linguist, compose his letters? What inspired Fran Saleški Finžgar when he was writing the epic conflict between the Slavs and the Byzantines? What did Janez Jalen learn from this master of folktales and what were his mountain tales like?

You can still find impressions of rural life that were used by those writers as inspiration for their works in the villages below Mt. Stol in Gorenjska. Every Slovene visits Prešeren’s birth house as well as other famous birth houses as part of their primary school education. So while in Slovenia, do as Slovenes do!


Other Attractions

Žirovnica is an exciting and diverse micro-destination, offering many attractions within a small area. Discover the hidden corners of Žirovnica and learn about our natural and cultural heritage!