The Završnica Valley

Green energy invigorates! Žirovnica is surrounded by the Alps, meadows and forests that are just beckoning for outdoor recreation. The green Završnica valley is ideal for walking and cycling; the high Karavanke mountain range invites lovers of hiking and offers views of Lake Bled and the surrounding area. The Završnica Recreational Park offers sports, fun and picnics. Romance awaits you on horseback and while watching the stars through the windows of a mountain hut.

The Završnica recreational park is situated in the Završnica valley, surrounded by the mighty Karavanke mountain range, green meadows and lush forested slopes – inviting you to have a fun and active adventure! The park is easily accessible and yet remote enough to allow you an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, a vibrant sports energy and a love for nature are harmonious.

The natural position of the valley, that locals call Zavrh, and the well thought out setting of the facilities for recreation and free-time bring a smile to every face. Rest amid unspoilt nature, enjoy sports, peaceful walks and other green activities that invite families, hikers, climbers, mountaineers and school groups to the park.

Završnica Valley is the starting point for the various peaks in the Karavanke Mountains on the north side and hikes to the reef, called Reber on the south side of the valley.

The Završnica Valley offers food at Lovski dom Stol (Hunting House Stol) or you can visit Zavrh Bar for snacks and refreshments. Varied culinary offer is available in traditional restaurants and inns in the surrounding villages. In the broader area of the municipality of Žirovnica, accommodation in private apartments and rooms are also available.

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