Predigra (the “Foreplay”) mountain bike adrenaline descent

Length: 2km
Altitude difference: 400m
Trail difficulty: very demanding

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The Predigra mountain bike descent is a 2 km long and 400 vertical meters high trail, rated double black diamond and therefore only suitable for experienced mountain bike riders with suitable equipment.

The trail is marked with yellow trail signs that show the route of the trail and the general directions and obstacles on it. It has built berms, a couple of rollers, wooden bridges and rocky sections. Please keep in mind that sometimes hikers venture on the trail and use it for the ascent or descent to the mountain pastures above the Završnica Valley. The descent also crosses the road that leads towards the Valvarsorjev dom mountain hut, therefore extreme caution is required.

Have fun riding “The Foreplay”!


Završnica Valley

Length: 12km
Altitude difference: 610m
Time: 1.5 hours
Trail difficulty: partially difficult

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The hero in Fran Saleški Finžgar’s novel, Mr. Hudournik, decided: “This is where I am going to rest, warm up in the sun, breathe the mountain air, drink milk and eat žganci.”

The Završnica valley is ideal for taking a break, a family trip or a cycle tour in pristine nature. You can ride your bike to the Završnica reservoir, from where you can choose one of the uphill trails. There are many of them, but they all have one thing in common – wonderful nature and spectacular views of mountain scenery. Somewhat higher in the mountains, enjoy the fresh water of the Završnica stream and a refreshing lunch in one of the mountain huts.

Along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage

Length: 11,5 km
Altitude difference: 90 m
Time: 1 hour
Trail difficulty: not difficult

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The starting point of the trip is the parking lot in Vrba – in the vicinity of  Prešeren’s Birth House. The route takes you through the village, past the famous village linden tree to the Imperial Road.  Turn left onto the macadam road and continue to Žirovnica, where you can visit the birth house of Matija Čop. Upon return to the main road that takes you through the villages below Mt. Stol turn left.  Stop at the Žirovnica Elementary School to visit the Avenue of Famous Men. We continue our way through Zabreznica. In Breznica the reconstruction of Janša’s Apiary awaits you, Finžgar’s Birth House in Doslovče and Jalen’s Birth House in Rodine are also worth a visit. From Rodine continue the trip in the direction of Hraše. When reaching the crossroads with the Imperial Road turn right to return to the starting point in Vrba.

Along the Imperial Road

Length: 12 km
Altitude difference: 70 m
Time: 1 hour
Trail difficulty: not difficult

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In times when there was no railway, our ancestors carried a variety of goods along the Imperial Road. Repeat their journey – on a bike!

Idyllic paths through the villages in Žirovnica municipality will lead you past important houses and monuments. The most famous linden tree in Slovenia and the birthhouse of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren in the village of Vrba are the starting point for a beautiful cycling trip. The path continues past Janša’s Apiary, to the church of St. Clement and Jalen’s Birth House in Rodine and back to Vrba. A nice sunny day, bicycle, peaceful villages, and the creative power of culture – a cycling trip Žirovnica style!

Juliana Bike

Total length: 290 km

The total difference in altitude: 8.500 m

Total number of stages: 7 (+ 3 access stages)

Average stage length: 40 km

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The Juliana Bike Mountain Biking Loop is the younger sister of the Juliana Trail and part of the Slovenian Mountain Biking Route. Seven stages run counter-clockwise and together form a circle along the edges of the Julian Alps. With access stages from three directions, this trail shares similar panoramas and views of life in the Julian Alps to the footpaths along the Juliana Trail. The marked mountain biking loop takes you along local roads, biking trails, forest trails or unpaved roads and also demands respect for nature, plants, animals and other sensitive natural habitats, as well as the local people who live sustainably in the protected UNESCO – Man and Biosphere natural environment and Triglav National Park.

Valvasor Mountain Hut

Length: 10km
Altitude difference: 580m
Time: 1.5 hours
Trail difficulty: partially difficult

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The joyous atmosphere, kind-hearted people, excellent homemade food and its position in the middle of unspoilt nature have placed the Valvasorjev dom hut at the top of the list of the most popular huts among hikers. The hut is situated below the mighty Mt. Stol, on the terrace of the southern slope of Belščica mountain pasture.

Come to Žirovnica, jump on a bike and up the hill we go! The idyllic forest road will lead you through the pleasant shade of the pristine forests to the Valvasorjev dom mountain hut where you can rest and enjoy a homemade meal. Continue on your bike and explore the forest paths surrounding the hut.

Trans Karavanke MTB trail

Length:132 km
Altitude difference: 1650 m

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The Trans Karavanke MTB Trail extends from Jezersko to Tromeja and can also be travelled in the opposite direction. It mostly runs along forest roads on the sunny slopes of the Karavanke Mountains, and only climbs to a ridge and the border with Austria at its westernmost point, Peč, or Tromeja.

The 132 kilometres, which are divided into 4 or 5 stages, include visits to the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana and several popular mountain outposts (Valvasor’s Lodge under Stol, Mountain Hut Pristava in Javorniški Rovt, Alpine Lodge at Zelenica, Alpine Lodge at Kofce), but the greatest reward will be the magnificent views and the enjoyment of unspoiled nature.

The route is suitable for fit mountain bikers, as the daily stages are generally from 25 to 35 km long, with as many as 1,650 vertical meters of climbing in one day.

Radovljica – Bled – Radovna – Mojstrana – Slovenski Javornik – Žirovnica – Spodnji Otok – Radovljica

Length: 60 km
Altitude difference: 440 m

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The route runs along less busy side roads, through beautiful nature and small, traditional villages, passing by some of the most breathtaking natural pearls and historical sights, at the foot of the high mountains and alongside the crystal clear rivers. This is the route that will not truly delight. There are many stops you can make along the way; try the famous Bled Cream Cake, refresh yourself in the cold Radovna river, go 700 years back in time or learn all about how modern beekeeping started in this region.

Cycling route Žirovnica - Begunje na Gorenjskem - Žirovnica

Length: 17.4 km
Ascent: 75 m

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A pleasant low-lying cycling trip with fun facts about the rich cultural heritage.

Žirovnica–Moste–Breg–Vrba–Velike njive–Begunje na Gorenjskem–Poljče–Rodine–Smokuč–Doslovče–Breznica–Zabreznica–Selo pri Žirovnici–Žirovnica

Cycling Route Žirovnica - Smokuški vrh - parking lot below Tinčkova hut - Žirovnica

Length: 23.4 km
Ascent: 791 m

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A mountain-bike tour in unspoiled nature with two high-altitude goals.

Žirovnica–Moste–Završniško jezero–Žingarica–Smokuški vrh–Pri žagi–parkirišče pod Tinčkovo kočo–Završniško jezero–Moste–Žirovnica

Cycling route Žirovnica - Valvasorjev dom (Hut) - Žirovnica

Length: 23.1 km
Ascent: 826 m

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A real mountain-biking tour under Mt. Stol, peppered with stunning views.

Žirovnica–Moste–Završniško jezero–Potoška planina–Valvasorjev dom–Žirovniška planina–Zabreška planina–Završniško jezero–Moste–Žirovnica