Predigra (the “Foreplay”) mountain bike adrenaline descent

Length: 2km
Altitude difference: 400m
Trail difficulty: very demanding
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The Predigra mountain bike descent is a 2 km long and 400 vertical meters high trail, rated double black diamond and therefore only suitable for experienced mountain bike riders with suitable equipment.

The trail is marked with yellow trail signs that show the route of the trail and the general directions and obstacles on it. It has built berms, a couple of rollers, wooden bridges and rocky sections. Please keep in mind that sometimes hikers venture on the trail and use it for the ascent or descent to the mountain pastures above the Završnica Valley. The descent also crosses the road that leads towards the Valvarsorjev dom mountain hut, therefore extreme caution is required.

Have fun riding “The Foreplay”!


Završnica Valley

Length: 12km
Altitude difference: 610m
Time: 1.5 hours
Trail difficulty: partially difficult
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The hero in Fran Saleški Finžgar’s novel, Mr. Hudournik, decided: “This is where I am going to rest, warm up in the sun, breathe the mountain air, drink milk and eat žganci.”

The Završnica valley is ideal for taking a break, a family trip or a cycle tour in pristine nature. You can ride your bike to the Završnica reservoir, from where you can choose one of the uphill trails. There are many of them, but they all have one thing in common – wonderful nature and spectacular views of mountain scenery. Somewhat higher in the mountains, enjoy the fresh water of the Završnica stream and a refreshing lunch in one of the mountain huts.

Along the Žirovnica Path of Cultural Heritage

Length: 11,5 km
Altitude difference: 90 m
Time: 1 hour
Trail difficulty: not difficult
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The starting point of the trip is the parking lot in Vrba – in the vicinity of  Prešeren’s Birth House. The route takes you through the village, past the famous village linden tree to the Imperial Road.  Turn left onto the macadam road and continue to Žirovnica, where you can visit the birth house of Matija Čop. Upon return to the main road that takes you through the villages below Mt. Stol turn left.  Stop at the Žirovnica Elementary School to visit the Avenue of Famous Men. We continue our way through Zabreznica. In Breznica the reconstruction of Janša’s Apiary awaits you, Finžgar’s Birth House in Doslovče and Jalen’s Birth House in Rodine are also worth a visit. From Rodine continue the trip in the direction of Hraše. When reaching the crossroads with the Imperial Road turn right to return to the starting point in Vrba.

Along the Imperial Road

Length: 12 km
Altitude difference: 70 m
Time: 1 hour
Trail difficulty: not difficult
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In times when there was no railway, our ancestors carried a variety of goods along the Imperial Road. Repeat their journey – on a bike!

Idyllic paths through the villages in Žirovnica municipality will lead you past important houses and monuments. The most famous linden tree in Slovenia and the birthhouse of the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren in the village of Vrba are the starting point for a beautiful cycling trip. The path continues past Janša’s Apiary, to the church of St. Clement and Jalen’s Birth House in Rodine and back to Vrba. A nice sunny day, bicycle, peaceful villages, and the creative power of culture – a cycling trip Žirovnica style!

Along the mountain pastures below Mt. Stol

Length: 19km
Altitude difference: 820m
Time: 2.5 hours
Trail difficulty: difficult
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Green fragrant nature, hills, valleys and magnificent sunny days – ideal for a bike ride! The paths on the pastures below Mt. Stol lead through enchanting forests, past a number of murmuring streams and the ancient Mt. Ajdna, offering the most beautiful views of the Karavanke range and the Julian Alps.

Set off uphill on the gravel road from the Završnica valley. The trail along the Potoška planina pasture offers wonderful views of the Upper Sava Valley. Stop at the Valvasorjev dom mountain hut where you can enjoy the local delicacies. Pleasantly rested, continue your way on the gravel road to the Žirovniška and Zabreška planina pastures.


Valvasor Mountain Hut

Length: 10km
Altitude difference: 580m
Time: 1.5 hours
Trail difficulty: partially difficult
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The joyous atmosphere, kind-hearted people, excellent homemade food and its position in the middle of unspoilt nature have placed the Valvasorjev dom hut at the top of the list of the most popular huts among hikers. The hut is situated below the mighty Mt. Stol, on the terrace of the southern slope of Belščica mountain pasture.

Come to Žirovnica, jump on a bike and up the hill we go! The idyllic forest road will lead you through the pleasant shade of the pristine forests to the Valvasorjev dom mountain hut where you can rest and enjoy a homemade meal. Continue on your bike and explore the forest paths surrounding the hut.

Along the Imperial road

Length: 12km
Altitude difference: 70m
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: easy

In the time before railways, carriages carried various goods on the Imperial road, while the most important were the post coaches. Retrace their path – by bike!

Cycle through the idyllic villages around Žirovnica where you will pass important museum houses and monuments. The most famous linden tree in Slovenia and the birth house of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, are the starting points for a great cycle ride. The trails continue past Anton Janša’s apiarySt. Clement’s church in Rodine and Jalen’s birth house. A sunny day, a bike, peaceful villages, smiling faces and the creative power of culture – a bike tour ‘A La Žirovnica’!

The Royal Bled Golf Club


Vrba 37a, 4248 Lesce, Slovenia


Membership is by invitation only. For further information, please contact us at

The Royal Bled Golf Club is a true hidden gem of European Golf and provides its members with an unrivalled experience that holds golf at its core, but offers so much more. From exclusive, member-only services to an astonishing nature-infused playground that provides golf in absolute tranquillity it is a special place that cherishes loyalty and emits a deep sense of belonging and privacy. To our members, the club is a home from home, offering warm, personal service to a group of like-minded individuals from around the world who share a passion for life and for this great game.

The facility comprises the 18-hole Championship King’s Course and the 9-hole Lake Course. Surrounded by the dramatic mountains and sweeping valleys of the Alps, the course offers perfectly manicured surfaces, a strategic layout and a rare oppotunity to play golf in complete tranquility. It attracks golf players from all over Europe.