Zipline Dolinka


The Zipline Dolinka in Bled offers an outdoor experience that combines an adrenalin ride on five zipline cables and a guided natural science trip through the valley of the Sava Dolinka river whose middle part called Brje is protected as a natural monument and is a part of the Natura 2000 network.

Our aim is enabling a wonderful experience for the visitors who love being active and making them aware of the environmental values at the same time.

We combine the elements that complement and support each other: the attractive surroundings of the zipline through the valley, where the river flows through forests and wetlands, supports the idea of the natural coexistence and serves as a background that makes the guests wish to support sustainable thinking.

While they are enjoying some spectacular views, they also have a chance to get to know and love the life in the environment that surrounds them. The visitors are accompanied by guides, the first supporters and story tellers, describing the valley that, even in the modern world, reminds us of the meaning of the intact environment.

The trip includes 5 zipline cables that are between 325 m and 530 m long and have an overall length of 2.4 km. The zipline descents are connected with interesting forest and field trails.

There are also several stops which offer an insight into flora and fauna and give a spectacular view to the peaks of Triglav, Stol and Babji zob.




Zipline Dolinka
Grajska 16, 4260 Bled
+386 31 845 900