KašArt is a summer festival of art in Žirovnica, or rather Kašariji as locals call the villages beneath Mt. Stol, hence the name of the festival – KašArt. The festival is a combination of stories, poetry, popular music and spending time outdoors, as well as being an opportunity to socialise with friends while discovering a wealth of cultural heritage.

Well-known Slovenian folk musicians and alternative music artistes will be performing at the festival, as well as guest performers from further afield. The main theme of the festival is story-telling, since Žirovnica is known for being a place of good stories and the birthplace of numerous esteemed men who contributed in great measure to the country’s culture, art, alphabet and language – Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren; the linguist Matija Čop; the beekeeper Anton Janša; the author Janez Jalen; and perhaps the most popular Slovenian author Fran Saleški Finžgar.

This year, the following will perform at the KašArt festival: Aleksander Mežek, Mrfy (concert), Joker Out (concert), Vlado Kreslin (concert), Tina Gorenjak (stand up), Vesna V. Godina (lecture), Bakalina Velika (concert) and Boštjan Gorenc Pižama (stand up).

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