Buying locally is a win-win all round!


By purchasing local specialities, produce and products, which are lovingly grown, tended to and produced by hardworking locals, you are buying a healthy future.

Here in Žirovnica we realise the importance of locally produced food when preparing meals, at home as well as in local institutions and restaurants.

Short supply chains have an important influence on the quality of the meals on our tables. By shortening the chain between producers and consumers, there is a significant reduction in the carbon footprint on the environment, agricultural produce and products which, due to being picked when at optimal ripeness and the short time from picking to table, retain their freshness and maximal nutritional value.

Purchasing basic provisions has become a real planned expedition, but such a test also offers the opportunity to buy locally and take time to prepare healthy meals. Spring generously provides us with the first fresh food, which we can grow at home in the garden, or on the balcony, or pick whilst outdoors for a walk.

Click here to check the list of shops, local farms and producers, who offer quality, basic provisions in the Žirovnica area.