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Matjaž Koman

general manager
t 040 506 817
e matjaz.koman@visitzirovnica.si
Petra 1

Petra Kržan

t 040 652 283

Janez Dolžan

t 040 201 929
e janez.dolzan@visitzirovnica.si

Urška Aljančič

t 040 221 929
e urska.aljancic@visitzirovnica.si


The Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture is always glad to hear new ideas and believes that innovation, connection and co-operation are the most important elements of a successful tourist destination and key to ensuring customer satisfaction. We have set our plans for the future bravely, focused on promoting tourism in Žirovnica and enabling its development. We aim to make Žirovnica a recognisable micro-destination that inspires visitors with its valuable cultural and natural treasures, convincing them that this area and its colourful events is worth visiting, and even re-visiting.


  • Act locally (co-operate with societies, entrepreneurs and individuals working in the field of tourism and cultural activities)
  • Economically manage the budget, and work constructively to the benefit of the entire Žirovnica municipality
  • Design, promote and market the comprehensive tourist offer in the Žirovnica municipality
  • Monitor all the events in the municipality (tourist, cultural, sporting events)
  • Tourist information centre
  • Resource-efficient and well considered management, marketing and facilities management
  • Planning, co-ordinating and executing events
  • Activities – group organisations (tourists and visitors), event planning, trip planning, tourist guides
  • Determining, collecting and analysing visitors’ opinions on the quality of the tourist offer, promoting integrated tourist offers etc.


Žirovnica 2020 has culture and tourism at its heart. In Slovenia and abroad, the Žirovnica municipality is recognised as a sustainable tourist micro-destination, specialising in experiencing culture and beekeeping as the poetry of agriculture, the heritage of the past, the creativity of its great men and the extraordinary cultural and natural landscape.


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