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Beekeeping Bostjan Anton Noč

Beekeeping is a family Noč tradition for several generations, today successfully continue Anton and Bostjan father and son bees more than 500 hives of bees. Bees have at various locations between the grazing season them, due to the varied program offers a variety of the best honey, transported across Slovenia.

Beekeeping exclusively with the Carniolan. Its nuts are currently in itself, a breed at breeding station “Carniolan Finals” in the pristine nature of the valley finals.

The main focus in beekeeping Bostjan Anton Noč on the production of honey, propolis and production of honey drinks: mead from different types of honey, sparkling mead and honey brandy. They also have pollen.

Beekeeping Bostjan Anton Noč has in stock several types of quality local honey (fir, forest, floral, acacia, pine, chestnut and lime), controlled quality of care Bostjan that is trained inspector honey.

Recently, due to the growing demand for domestic products, we also occasional gifts of bee products, among other candles of pure beeswax and first perfume with notes of Slovenian medu- Honey Noč.

For this purpose, before the family house placed “beehive” which serves as a sales area. Beehive has 42 beehive panels, painted with motifs of the surrounding nature and cultural attractions of the village beneath Stol “, each with its picturesque appearance to tell stories about the rich tradition and beauty of the home landscape. The paintings are original work of Mary and Pavla Smoleja, a native of Breznica and are hand painted on a wooden surface. In the interior of sales apiary and you are invited healing goodies from the beehive in a neat package.

In beekeeping Bostjan Anton Noč like they open their doors. Participate in many, beekeeping-related projects such as the introduction of honey Breakfast in Slovenian schools and kindergartens and spread awareness about the importance of bees for opraševaje and management of the biological balance.

Family Noč is a member of the Beekeepers Association of Anton Janša Breznica, Bostjan Noč is also the president of the Beekeepers Association of Slovenia.


Production and sale of various types of honey, pollen, propolis, mead and honey-bee gifts. Sparkling mead Noč is their speciality.


Selo pri Žirovnici 42
4274 Žirovnica

t 041 860 625
e bostjan.noc@telemach.net
w www.cebelarstvo-noc.si

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