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Technical Museum Završnica – HE Završnica

Humanity in its development has always been exploiting the natural resources that are available. In the area of ​​present-day Slovenia, people throughout history continually commercially exploited aquatic environment, because water is one of the few natural resources, which is here in abundance. Watercourses were originally exploited as a source of food and as a shipping route, and later also for the transport of loads or as a water power to drive mills and sawmills. With the advent of industrialization has increased the demand for water as a driving force for the steam engine and later the electrification and the transition to a “massive” production has increased demand for electricity, so are streams started to build hydropower facilities.

Technical Museum Završnica, once Hydropower plant Završnica was the first Slovenian public poweplantr. Its construction started by 1911 and 25 February 1915, for the first time awarded the electricity grid. The plant was operating continuously for 90 years. After it stopped the Sava elektrarne Ljubljana restored the facility and equipment. It was opened for the public in 2005 as a technical museum.  The application of electricity production is assumed by Moste Hydroelectric power station, the first power plant on the Sava river, which is now a modern facility and exploits electricity from the basin of the former HE Završnica. Tours of both power plants are available by previous appointment, accompanied by professional guides.

Hydro power Završnica is consisting of a barrier in the valley of Završnica, creating a reservoir, on the left bank of the bulkhead where a tower capture lock equipped with a coarse rake is located. From here runs a pressure derivation tunnel, height of 2m and a length of 800m to a surge tank, located above the village of Žirovnica and its interesting, far noticeable façade represents the distinctive look of the veduta Žirovnice. From the 16-meter high reinforced concrete basin water flows out of the lake and drains 900 m long pipe to the engine power. The engine room is situated in the valley of the Sava River. Originally they were two Pelton turbines installed, which are now on display in the Technical Museum Završnica.

Technical Museum Završnica, where one of the original lightbulbs is still on display and working, represents a rich tradition of technical heritage, as well as an inspiring example of coexistence between the environment and energy- the reservoir Završnica with its sports and recreation center adjacent to it and the whole valley of Završnica are becoming a popular recreation centre.