KašArt is a summer festival of art in Žirovnica, or rather Kašariji as locals call the villages beneath Mt. Stol, hence the name of the festival – KašArt. The festival is a combination of stories, poetry, popular music and spending time outdoors, as well as being an opportunity to socialise with friends while discovering a wealth of cultural heritage.

Well-known Slovenian folk musicians and alternative music artistes will be performing at the festival, as well as guest performers from further afield. The main theme of the festival is story-telling, since Žirovnica is known for being a place of good stories and the birthplace of numerous esteemed men who contributed in great measure to the country’s culture, art, alphabet and language – Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren; the linguist Matija Čop; the beekeeper Anton Janša; the author Janez Jalen; and perhaps the most popular Slovenian author Fran Saleški Finžgar.

The KašArt festival includes various events that are held in three unique venues:


  • Prešeren’s Eve with Aleksander Mežek and friends in Vrba

The venue is the meadow in front of France Prešeren’s birth house, where a colourful and interesting crowd of listeners gathers to hear unique acoustic music by Aleksander Mežek and his musical guests against the background of Prešeren’s birth house, St. Mark’s church, Mt. Stol and the other peaks of the surrounding Karavanke mountains.

When? 2.7.2022 at 8pm in the car park in front of Prešeren’s birth house in Vrba
Entrance is free.

  • Fairytale Evenings in Front of Finžgar’s Birth House

Slovenian culture is a rich treasure trove of folk fairytales, funny anecdotes and mysterious stories. The author Fran Saleški Finžgar was well aware of this. As a boy, in a corner of his home he loved listening to tales of the village men and he later also wrote about them in his remarkable literary works. You can experience some of these works at Fairytale Evenings, which offer are really special summer experience and strengthen an important part of Slovenian folklore.

When? 7.7.2022, 14.7.2022, 11.8.2022, 25.8.2022 in front of Finžgar’s birth house in Doslovče at 7.30pm

  • Concert in Završnica

Discover the lush Završnica valley and enjoy listening to music performed by renowned Slovenian artistes in a magical venue next to the reservoir surrounded by the forests and peaks of the Karavanke mountains.

When? 5.8.2022 at 8pm in the event area in Završnica

The Mission of KašArt

In the turbulent times in which we have been living recently, it is even more important that, with the help of stories from various eras, nations and cultures, we come together and spread the message of peace, unity and solidarity. Join us at the events of the KašArt 2022 festival!


How to get here

Žirovnica has good public transport connections. Choose your preferred form of transport.





The Žirovnica Institute for Tourism and Culture in cooperation with the Municipality of Žirovnica and the Ministry of Culture. The organiser will record and photograph the public event for the purposes of promoting the event. Photographs/videos will be published on the organiser’s website and Facebook/Instagram profiles. The organiser reserves the right to change the programme.