Who was Anton Janša?

Nearly 300 years ago, an apiary stood in the idyllic village of Breznica. From an early age, Anton Janša used to open the hives where he observed the life of bees and helped his father in beekeeping. Later, his life led him to Vienna where he was named the first imperial teacher of apiculture at the newly-founded apiculture school after he impressed the empress with his vast knowledge and understanding of bees.


Anton Janša’s Memorial Apiary

Today, a reconstruction of Anton Janša’s apiary, the first home of Janša’s bees, still stands in its original place in the village of Breznica. Learn about the Slovenian way of beekeeping on a guided tour and discover the unique Slovenian traditional painted beehive panels which are a speciality of Slovenian folklore. Delight your taste buds by indulging in a tasting of local honey products.



Slovenia has a special, loving relationship with bees. Beekeepers provide their bees with colourful homes which are placed in the most beautiful corners of the land. The unique and colourfully painted frontal boards found on Slovenian beehives are not found anywhere else in the world. Slovenians consider bees as their friends, and write songs and tell stories about them.