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The beehiveof Anton Janša

Tomo Zupan in his famous sermon in 1921, said that the most prominent antiquities brezniške the old parish house chefs standing apiary of Anton Janša: “..vsaj in external appearance preserved, as it was then. The beehive is sat on a bench, thinking and doing. ”

Janša have long been engaged in beekeeping, written information on the previous apiaries not. First he set Janša father Matija already in 1734, also the year of birth of his first son, Anthony.

Today’s apiary of Anton Janša entirely of wood, covered with shingles, with quite a lot of space inside for cleaning and maintenance of hives.

It is a reconstruction of the former apiary, standing at the chefs house as the home homestead Janša said. His birth house no longer exists, beehive, which is a master beekeeper, but he stood by the year 1877. At that time, due to wear at the same place built a new, equally large. It generally has been built original oak cross-beam, but in the today’s reconstruction is not preserved.

Specialty apiary are equally large hives with intermediate frames for honeycomb, that is to fully extract the bees and transported elsewhere for grazing, which is also Janša invention. Such hive called stacking hives or, as he called Anton Janša, Carniolans.

In the apiary of Anton Janša they want to collect surrounding beekeepers and young Tonej they always listened attentively, but thinking with your head, and so got to many new insights about the life of bees.

It is assumed that the beehive panels in their beehive painted Janša himself, has not been established. It is true that the unique Slovenian specialty of paintings on hives occurred right in the second half of the 18th century, at a time when it is in Breznica beekeeper talented painter Anton Janša.

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Guided tour of the beehives and decorated beehive panels. To the delight of your taste buds, you can taste honey-wine at the beehives.


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